Here is the Buildings 4 Churches Team.

Patricia C. Batchelor, President:

Ms. Batchelor works with the team and oversees all aspects of the corporation to ensure the integrity of the corporation and services provided to all clients. She provide leadership in developing and implementing Buildings 4 churches's vision, goals, strategies, and programs. She works with the staff, team and the clients to help make the client's projects a success. Ms. Batchelor has 38 years experience in administrative management, project management, facilities management and commercial financing.


Jim Spruill, Jr. Construction Manager:

Mr. Spruill and his staff manage the Buildings 4 Churches client's project's day-to-day efforts related to planning, design ovesight, construction, metal buildings and activation of the project; manage the projects to ensure that they remain within budget, on schedule per the work scope; monitor all program objectives and appropriate regulations; collaborate with all other project participants including consultants, contractors, vendors, and outside jurisdictional agencies. Mr. Spruill has 29 years experience in the construction management field and has affiliations with other qualified professionals nationwide.

Harvey L. Batchelor, Financing Broker:

Mr. Batchelor is Vice President and assist churches and commercial  entities in securing short & long term financing.  Mr. Batchelor has 28 solid years experience in financing. Mr. Batchelor and his consultants provides  access to alternative and traditional funding sources.

Norman G. Matlock, L.L.M, Environmental and Trial Attorney:


Investigate and litigate environmental protection law matters. Provides litigation, arbitration and mediation services to Buildings 4 Churches and our clients as needed. Provides expert counsel, analysis and data driven recommendations to senior management.  Mr. Matlock is a licensed to practice in state and United States Supreme Courts. Mr. Matlock has 38 years of proven experience

Luis F. Harris CPA, PA:

Mr. Harris is a highly efficient, proficient, significantly unique and highly competent professional. He and his staff has provided accounting services to a wide range of industries such as construction companies, wholesale and retail businesses, technology businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and churches. They provide auditing, accounting, and fiscal monitoring services to both federal and state entities, and municipalities. LFH works together with the Buildings 4 Churches and the client's staff to help their organization meet its financial goals and objectives. They are committed to providing an independent assessment of their operations and organizational structures. LFH is a full-service certified public accounting team offering audit, accounting, taxation and advisory services. Mr. Harris and his staff has over 28 years of solid experience. 


Rick Jack, Managing Architect:

Design services and oversee the complete design and architectural process of the projects which consist of designing all preliminary and working drawings; working with engineers and county and local code enforcement agencies; ensure the integrity of the design and oversee the aspects of design to build process; review and approve change orders for the project keeping in line with the specifications. Mr. Jack has 41 years of Architectural Practice Experience and holds registration in 18 states and has affiliations with other qualified architectural partners nationwide.





Pre-Construction Planning

Church and Commercial Design &

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